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Show 2012 & Single Chop Silage Registrations 2012

Dunmore Vintage Show August 5th 2012

Show kicks off at 12 with gates open from 10:30am to the public

Dunmore & District Vintage Club are taking over a 60 acre farm for the 2012 show, with 25 acres of grass for single chop foragers to cut & with 10 acres for Malone ( to demonstrate his mowers & picking wagons

The History Of Silage working display is shaping up but we’re still looking for some machines & Tractors, if you have any of the machines mentioned in the pre-single chop machines please get in contact with us:
Click Here: History Of Silage Machinery lineup

Single Chop World Record:

  • The Harvester must be a side-mounted, single chop silage harvester.
  • Both the harvester and the tractor must be pre 1982
  • PTO Guards & chains must be in place & will be checked
  • Detais required are Your name, Address, Date of Birth, Full postal address, and the Make, Model, & Year of both the Harvester & Tractor.

registration is essential in order to take part, online registration is simple & easy, simply fill out the online form accessible on the top bar of the site & click submit
Registered participants are advised to arrive for unloading on the Saturday (4th August).

Click Here: Registrations 2012

In 2011 we managed to get 26 cutting in just 4 acres of grass. Building on the success of lastyears show, we have 25 acres of silage to cut with single chop foragers at the 2012 show on August 5th, we are expecting up on 100 pre 1982 machines to take part so get your registrations in early, registrations can be updated at any time by just contacting us

2011 video:

THe 2012 show will also play host to a History of silage machinery demonstration, one machine in particular we are looking to find is the Wilder Cutlift, built in Reading, UK in 1935 by John Wilder LTD this was the first single pass machine ever built. It featured a Finger Bar mower followed by a picking mechanism to lift the grass into the trailer. this machine was the last inventions before the war. This machine built in relatively small numbers, but a few made its way to northern Ireland where the Northern Ireland Office sponsored a feature film entitled Simple Silage. It was the only film sponsored by the NIO durding the war, its aim was to encourage farmers to make silage rather than import grain.
The film can be found in Museums across northern ireland : Digital Film Archive NI

Image thanks to Danielle in the Museum of English Country Life in Reading
Wilder CutLift

If you have come across this machine or a variant of this machine Please do get in contact with us, it is the missing link in the extensive history of silage machinery that will be working on the day. (variants of the machine can be very unusual but based on the same idea, it was updated & modified several times between 1935 & 1945 in particular)


Update 26/5/2012
Over the next few days i will post the machines that with all going well will be working on the day, even one or two machines previous to the 1935 cutlift, and a very very rare Green Taarup Single Chop from 1959, (one of the first of the Taarup Harvester’s)

Update 5/7/2012
Aerial view picture of the site with lastyear’s show referenced

Update 14/7/2012
With the weather adversely affecting other Major shows, Dunmore Vintage Club is working on plans to see the show go ahead regardless, with works underway to make a road through the land to the silage fields we’re hoping it will be enough to counteract whatever the weather throws at us. Luckily enough the 2012 show is based on a hill

Update 20/07/2012
Long range forecast promising good weather for the show and on the few days on the leadup to the show, the bank holiday monday is promised very warm & sunny also… Its shaping up to be a great weekend weatherwise….. for now, fingers crossed!

Update 26/7/2012
Works commence on road to silage field & to vintage show dry ground to combat whatever the weather throws at us. We’ll have comfort with vintage cars not getting stuck or dirty & drawing down the silage pit.

Update 1/8/2012
Land Road complete, Single Chop Registrations soaring to near cutoff point *Get registered ASAP if you’re planning on bringing a harvester & make sure PTO guards are intact. Helicopter confirmed, & Hot Air Balloon Confirmed. There will be rides every few mins on the hot air balloon completely FREE and will rise 100 foot above the show.