The Dunmore Show: The GRASSMEN's Pilgrimage

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Show 2012 Aftermath

Show 2012 is over, the big talk is about only accident at the show, which of all things happened to be an aviation incident, we did our best to watch what was on the ground without watching the skies aswell. A Paraglider lost control of his machine on a flyover & crashed into ESB High Voltage lines. Luckily escaping with just a broken nose, damaged Pride & a mangled Paraglider.

Unfortunately our show site got very spread out but we could only pick dry spots to plant the show due to ground conditions with the exceptional summers rain we had. Please take into concideration the bravery of attempting to run this show regardless of what the weatherman was to curse us with. we cant or dont control the weather, we’re lucky we pulled it off atall & we’re thankful to those who supported us & came out on the day especially to those silage men that came from far & wide with arctic’s & rigids with tractors trailers & harvesters to cut some grass at show 2012.

Single Chop World Record: 105 Single Chop harvesters made their way to the show, after some never making it to the field, and several misfortunes later a grand total of 86 harvesters cut simultaneously

What we do know is it took almost 9 minutes before the last harvester started cutting, bar the breakdowns & machines getting stuck they were cutting simultaneously for 24 minutes 43 seconds, and it was 41 minutes before every blade of grass was swiped clean in the 25 acre field.
Some of the casualties we do know about, several more to be added:
Nuffield 1060 – water jacket burst
International 1055 – UG harvester gearbox broke
One of the two lads that drove from bandbridge in their Massey Ferguson tractors, the engine was beginning to sieze up. was either the 35 or the 65, yet to be verified.
Fordson Major – got stuck & was nudged out several minutes later
International – Pulled out for unknown reason
Ford 2000 & 1959 Green Taarup – Never made it to the field
Massey 165 & Taarup 43″ – Never made it to the field
David Brown 990 – PTO trouble
Fordson Major – Headgasket

The History Of Silage Machinery, we managed to have represented on the day:

1880’s when silage was first introduced to Ireland & the UK – The horse drawn finger bar mower & the horse cart

1920’s – McCormack Green Crop Loader – Unfortunately this machine failed us for this year with a siezed bearing & planetary gears beginning to bind. It will be working nextyear & thats a promise

1930’s – Wilder CutLift, the first single pass machine ever made was represented on the day by an Original Badge Plate on loan from Jim Fisher from North Cumbria, UK. We may have drawn one out after the show. Hopefully!

1950’s – Silorator, a pre single chop machine that would put some of the single chops to shame with the blow on it. the distance it was able to side fill wet grass was exceptional, being powered by a Porsche Master side filling a second porsche.

Late 50’s – 1959 Green Taarup, we were so overwhelmed that the club member that owns it hadnt time to cut with it

1960’s – New Holland SP1880, First Self Propelled in Ireland.

1970’s – Mengele SF300, just an extremely rare machine & a lot of history attached to Josef Mengele, aka the Angel of Death. we had this Side filling into two Deutz 8005’s…. A completely german affair

Double Chops, Precision Chops, Picking Wagons from the Taarup 1015 to Malone’s Brand New machines being powered by the most modern Fendt Vario technology in transmissions all working side by side in a 12 acre field

So Here’s a rough cut of some of the machines working on the day, only a teaser of some of the footage caputred

The rest… i’ll finish later